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Oil and Gas

Emerson Process Management has unsurpassed expertise and capabilities in all aspects of automation and information systems related to the production, transmission, and processing of oil and gas products. With leading industry and automation expertise, Emerson helps clients optimize their oil and gas operations and ensure the most efficient use of capital and resources


Offshore Exploration & Production
Whether you’re in the Fixed, Floating, Marine or Subsea Production facility environment, production control, energy costs and maintenance create daily challenges that must be considered when optimizing production. ....Learn more.....  

Onshore Exploration & Production 
Emerson has the right expertise to allow you to produce efficiently and optimally whether you are in a heavy oil or coal seam gas environment.  Producing from a single wellhead or a multiple well-pad we can....Learn more..... 


Gas Processing 
Gas processing presents multiple challenges and requires continuous diligence to ensure optimal energy consumption, small disturbances can have a large impact on the production efficiency and ....Coming soon.......

Transportation & Pipelines
The transportation of Oil, Gas or Petroleum Product by pipeline whether it is onshore or offshore represent enormous challenges from corrosion monitoring to compression and boosting, see how . ....Coming soon.....

The use of storage facilities for Oil, Gas and Petroleum Product is critical to ensure that in times of high demand, demand for availability can be met.  To ensure this safety and monitoring is critical. ....Coming soon..... 


Basically we are looking toward gaining an automated platform that’s easily maintained, easily managed and with that, reducing the expensive plant shutdowns, a relation of benefits to investment that we are recovering in approximately six months."

 Manuel Rangel (Project Engineer, PDVSA)