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Emissions Reduction

Challenge:  Emissions monitoring and reporting requirements for industrial sites are constantly changing and manufacturers are under ongoing pressure to reduce emissions to meet increasingly stringent government standards.  It is difficult to keep up with regulatory directives, and as new regulations are imposed operating procedures and production operations can be impacted.  The challenge is to achieve compliance with emissions constraints without affecting throughput or dramatically raising costs.

Solution: Meeting emissions challenges requires a variety of compliance actions and a multi-faceted approach to minimizing emissions production.  Emerson assists industrial clients both by supporting measurement and monitoring requirements as well as by reducing emissions production from combustion processes.  For greenhouse gas (GHG) and other emissions reporting, Emerson instrumentation experts assist with selection and application of measurement technology that is accurate and easily maintainable.  Emerson Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) equipment is reliable, cost-effective, and supported by a network of analyzer experts.  Emerson’s SmartProcess solutions for boilers and heaters improve unit efficiency, thereby cutting emissions production, and allow operation to be managed to environmental constraints.  These SmartProcess implementations also allow increased use of waste product streams for their Btu value which results in reduced flaring and its associated emissions production.

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