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Package / Standard Boiler

Typical fuels: Natural Gas, No. 2 Fuel Oil, No. 6 Fuel Oil

 Single Burner/Gun or Multiple Burners/Guns

Challenge: Package boilers are smaller size steam producers, typically with a single burner utilizing natural gas and/or fuel oil.  Standard boilers are somewhat larger units with multiple burners that fire gas and/or oil.  These units typically run quite reliably, but issues can occur especially when steam demand varies significantly, as is normal on many industrial sites.  For owners, these issues include: difficulty maintaining peak thermal efficiency across the entire load range of the boiler; stability and response to load changes; and boiler turn-down during times of lighter demand.  In addition, many boilers are now equipped with low NOX burners and this equipment can magnify operating issues.

Solution: Package and standard boilers should be reliable, responsive, and efficient steam producers across their entire load range.  To achieve this, instrumentation and control functionality must be installed to provide separately metered fuel and air control and fully automatic boiler operation.  Further, since natural gas and fuel oil do vary in composition over time; combustion control should be done on a Btu basis.  Emerson helps package/standard boiler owners achieve lower steam production costs by mitigating process issues, ensuring that proper measurement and actuation devices are in place, and implementing Btu based combustion control.  By eliminating fuel to air curves and implementing Btu based firing, the DeltaV Standard Boiler Solution ensures peak thermal efficiency at all times, improves stability and load response, and increases unit turndown ability.

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