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Kraft Recovery Boilers

Typical fuels: Black Liquor, Fuel Oil, Natural Gas

Multiple Liquor Guns, Oil Guns, Gas Burners

Challenge: Unique to the pulp and paper industry, kraft recovery boilers are an integral part of the pulping liquor cycle.  These units burn strong black liquor to generate smelt, and at the same time produce steam for use in other parts of the mill.  Liquor throughput and boiler efficiency are key to mill business performance.  Variability in Btu per volume of fuel (black liquor) and changes in firing rate to match other processes can make recovery boilers difficult to operate.  Efficiency loss, fouling of boiler tubes, emissions excursions, and excessive use of auxiliary fossil fuel are commonly experienced when operating a recovery boiler.

Solution:Increased liquor throughput, higher thermal efficiency, and reduced fouling in a recovery boiler can be simultaneously accomplished.  To achieve this improved operation, boiler air systems must be properly set up and liquor must be fired on a constant Btu basis rather than the constant flow basis that is commonly used at many mills.  Emerson helps recovery boiler owners obtain better performance by mitigating process issues, ensuring that proper measurement and actuation devices are in place, and implementing full automatic “single knob” control with a constant Btu liquor firing strategy.   Emerson’s SmartProcess® Recovery solution eliminates the effects of liquor Btu per volume variations such that lower furnace stability is maintained. This allows fouling to be reduced, efficiency increased, and additional liquor throughput to be achieved when recovery is a bottleneck.

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