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Holistic Boiler Process Improvement Approach

Challenge:  A boiler is an integrated collection of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and control equipment.  Instrumentation and control tools can be leveraged to deliver much improved operating results, but application of this technology should not be done in a vacuum.  Extensive knowledge of boilers, burners, fuel handling, air systems, and ancillary equipment is needed to apply control and automation successfully, and the integrated process must be considered in total.

Solution:  Emerson helps biomass boiler owners achieve better performance by leading a holistic process improvement approach that typically includes a number of steps:

• Fuel pile to stack process survey
• Combustion performance survey and trial
• Process mechanical issue identification and mitigation
• Field measurement and actuation device issue identification and resolution
• Btu based control strategy implementation
• Operating procedure revision and training completion

Boiler owners who complete this process typically achieve results such as:

• 5-15% additional steam generation from biomass, alternate, or low cost fuel
• 2-4% thermal efficiency increase
• Significantly improved stability, load response, and turndown
• Trips virtually eliminated
• Emission constraint excursions virtually eliminated
• Increased safety and stability