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Biomass (Solid Fuel) Boilers

Typical fuels: Bark, Hog, Whole Tree Chips, Construction Waste, Sludge, Stoker Coal, Plastic Rejects, Solid Waste

: Grate Fired Unit

Challenge:  Biomass (solid fuel) boilers present unique operating challenges to their owners.  These units typically have extensive solid fuel handling systems to move biomass from piles in the yard to the boiler.  Fuel supply interruptions are common due to breakdowns in fuel handling equipment or plugging.  It is also normal that biomass fuel varies in size, moisture content, and Btu per volume.  This variability often affects the ability of the boiler to supply steam consistently and/or respond to demand changes.  To address these issues, owners often use large amounts of costly gas or oil as supplemental fuel.  Fuel variability also often makes it difficult to maintain boiler operations within emissions constraints.

Solution:  A boiler that burns only–or mostly-biomass can be very reliable, It can manage header pressure under changing demand, and be a cost effective steam producer. Auxiliary (fossil) fuel use can be reduced such that steam cost is lowered, and emissions constraints managed without impacting production.  To achieve this improved operation, boiler air and fuel distribution systems must be properly set up.  In addition, instrumentation and control functionality must be present to compensate for biomass fuel changes in real time.  Emerson helps Biomass Boiler owners achieve lower steam production costs by mitigating process issues, ensuring that proper measurement and actuation devices are in place, and implementing a Btu based control strategy that responds in real time to changing fuel conditions.  All while managing constraints that affect emissions performance.  Emerson’s SmartProcess® Boiler solution meets most demand swings with biomass firing and automatically manages auxiliary fuel so that it is used only when absolutely necessary.

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