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Industrial Energy Experts

Scott has over twenty years of experience with energy applications in the industrial environment.  He began his career working for a major industrial boiler manufacturer performing engineering and service work on new boiler start-ups and existing boiler improvement projects.  Following this, Scott has been specifically focused on process control and optimization of energy processes within the process industries.  Scott has a mix of combustion process knowledge and control technology experience that provides high value for energy process owners.  Scott is recognized as a “guru” of multi-fuel fired boilers.  Much of his efforts involve working with existing boiler processes to identify and resolve issues limiting performance.  Scott also plays a lead role in control strategy product development for boiler, header, and EMS applications.

Beginning his career as a power distribution equipment Design Engineer, Jim has more than thirty years of instrumentation and process control engineering experience in the process industries.  His work has included assignments spanning a range of disciplines including product design, low voltage power distribution, motor control, instrumentation engineering, control systems engineering, and controls programming and configuration.  Jim has particular expertise in the control and optimization of industrial power and utility processes.  He has completed control retrofits on many complex boilers, steam header systems, and steam turbine generator processes. He is experienced at functional specification and detailed design development as well as systems configuration, and he is regularly called upon to supervise the commissioning and start-up of automation solutions in the field.

 Glyn is a Chartered Engineer (UK) with over 25 years of practical experience in the implementation of closed-loop optimization, performance monitoring, and decision support solutions in the process industries.  He currently leads an Emerson strategic services team in Europe.  Glyn’s work has included optimization applications that consider process unit utility demands, utility generating equipment, as well as tariff structures and nominations.  Systems have varied from on-line, real-time implementations to multi time period look-ahead applications.  Glyn completes control and optimization consultancy engagements and heads the development of advanced simulation and optimization tools for the process industries.  For example, he has led the development performance monitoring solutions to model and track process units in the industrial environment.

Chris is a chemical engineer with over 30 years of experience in the development and application of performance monitoring and optimization solutions in the process industries. Prior to joining Emerson, Chris spent 8 years working for BP Chemical specializing in process simulation, advanced control and optimization, as well as real time information systems.  Chris received his BSc in Chemical engineering from the University of Exeter and his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge.  Chris has led many development and implementation efforts for energy improvement applications including significant modeling and real-time optimization applications. He serves as a visiting lecturer on real-time optimization for the Universities of Sheffield and Newcastle in the UK.