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Alternative Energy

Taking Conventional Wisdom To Unconventional Places

Alternative Energy comprises many familiar industry segments and some waiting to be born. Whether your feedstock is coal, wind, or biomass, the ability to reliably convert that resource into fuels and energy that power our world is a big challenge. Emerson excels at big challenges. To learn more about how Emerson Process Management can help you; select an Alternative Energy industry segment below.

Biomass Refining & Conversion
Freeing ourselves from a dependence on traditional fossil fuels not only requires creativity in the lab, it requires the confidence of being able to deliver a commercially viable solution. If you are converting wood chips or other natural waste streams into transportation fuels, chemicals, or even power, you need a reliable process that gives you the best economic performance.  Emerson can help you get there and stay there....Coming soon.

Syngas Production & Conversion
Converting any abundant carbon-based resources such as coal, petcoke, or natural gas into syngas can help companies meet the ever growing global demand for fuel, power, and bulk chemicals. The challenge is putting in place a production process which maximizes the conversion of these carbon resources while meeting environmental and regulatory needs. Pioneering companies are profitably turning carbon based resources into everything from diesel to jet fuel, to methanol. The time for producing syngas is now....Learn more.

Renewable Energy
From wind and solar to geothermal and hydroelectric, harnessing our global resources to efficiently produce energy to power our lives is a tough challenge. Making renewable energy safe and profitable adds to the complexity. Emerson's job is to take the decades of experience and boundless innovation in our people, combined with industry leading technologies to help you get ahead and stay there....Learn more. 

This is not your typical biodiesel or bioethanol plant. Emerson has a good background in employing automation. As a hydrogenation facility, we needed that reliability and to have the close operation control, which is integral in such an environment.

Jeff Bigger, Senior VP
Business Development for Syntroleum