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December 2017

Emerson Express

Emerson Process Managementin neljännesvuosittainen email –päivitys Uusista ratkaisuista, Teknologioista ja Asiakkaidemme menestystarinoista

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6265KB, PDF
Lataa tästä: "Innovaatioita prosessin säädössä" Lehti nro 12
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Emerson’s people helping to solve our customers most complex challenges
- Serving customers better by becoming a trusted, problem-solving partner
- Perfect Execution reduces product lead times
- Enhanced customer experience helps build stronger relationships
- Emerson experts and technology solve customers’ toughest challenges
- Automation project expertise improves productivity and profitability
- Lifecycle services help​​​​​​​ maximise desired outcomes

2829KB, PDF

Emerson Users Testimonies
- Business challenges create disruptive technologies
- A quantum leap in gas analysis technology
- Corrosion monitoring helps maximise plant potential
- Game-changing temperature measurement solution
- Unique HIPPS offering reduces cost and risk
- Pressure gauge technology transforming safety and reliability

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