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Cooling Tower Health Monitoring 

Automate Tower Monitoring, Avoid Failures, Save Money
Refineries can cirulate thousands of gallons of water for process cooling ecvery day. About 2 barrels of water are needed to convert each barrel of oil. This means, uninterrupted, high-quality water flow is critical for condensing and cooling oil and other refined products.  Emerson’s Cooling Tower Monitoring solutions provide automatic, 24/7 monitoring of your plant-wide water-cooling operations and can help you save up to 5% in water costs per year.

Challenge: Your facility depends on cooling towers to recirculate, draw off, and add makeup water for cooling processes and equipment. However, slowdowns can occur as a result of the following cooling tower failures:

  • Tower pumps and fans may develop vibration, bearing/belt/coupling issues, or excessive loading in gear teeth, which threaten production capacity.
  • Scaling or blockages in cooling water lines can slow delivery.
  • Water quality issues such as chemical imbalance and improper blowdown can lead to biological conditions that reduce heat transfer and release harmful bacteria that can cause disease.
  • Sticking fill valves and inadequate level indication can lead to overflow of the tower basin.

In addition to the unbudgeted expenditures that these unexpected failures can create, failures of tower fans or pumps can limit cooling tower capacity and cause processes to slowdown or completely shut down. To learn more about cooling tower failure download our flyer.

What if you could...

  • Automatically and precisely measure and distribute water treatment chemicals to achieve cost savings?
  • Decrease water temperature by one degree to significantly reduce your energy usage?
  • Monitor all aspects of your cooling tower performance online and receive real-time data and alerts that enable your personnel to manage operations to match available cooling?

To learn more, read below, or fill out our quick online form for assistance.

Solution: Emerson’s Essential Cooling Tower Monitoring Solution provides early warning of limited cooling and diagnostics that help your operators spot bearing, lubrication, or alignment problems in cooling tower pumps and fans. Automatic alerts flag personnel to cooling water conditions so they can adjust blowdown rates and minimize the use of water treatment chemicals. Automatically track the health of your assets and receive clear, graphical displays of information that can help you recognize and prevent cooling failures before they occur. Emerson offerings are scalable, allowing you to choose to monitor only what you need of the following areas: tower pumps and fans; filter plugging or valve issues; hydrocarbon leakage; scaling; or water quality issues. To learn how to improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs download our flyer.

Results: Emerson clients are saving money by using our automated solutions to reduce water temperature and optimize power consumptioneven recouping up to 5% in annual water costs. Our easy to configure wireless network enables both existing and new diagnostic devices to communicate faster and less expensively than when using wired technology. Pre-engineered software applications are also cost-effective to implement and provide process analysis, trending, and key performance indicators to help you ensure your operation is meeting production goals. To see exactly how much Emerson clients are saving download our flyer.

The Emerson offerings below are scalable to meet your unique needs. Read on to
learn more, or contact a representative to learn which solution will best meet the needs
of your operation.

AMS Suite: Asset Graphics for Operations: Provides real-time graphical displays, trending, alarms, chronicling, and Key Performance Indicators and Statistical Process Control calculations. It detects resonance frequency, louver defects, exchanger fouling, and fan health indication.

Smart Wireless Gateway: Connects IEC 62591 (WirelessHART®) self-organizing networks with host systems and data applications.

CSI Wireless Vibration Transmitter: Provides early warning of excessive vibration on compressor. Determines root cause and guides corrective action. An option provides early detection of bearing temperature increases, helping prevent premature wear and failure.

Rosemount Wireless Pressure Transmitter:  Provides detection of compressor instability conditions from a significant increase in the discharge or suction pressure. Provides early warning of impending plugged suction filter and allows monitoring of lube oil pressure.

Rosemount Analytical Dual Input Analyzer with Smart Wireless THUM™ Adapter and Toroidal Conductivity Submersion/Insertion Sensor: Monitors conductivity, an indication of dissolved solids concentration (leading to buildup of scale), so that adjustments to blowdown rate can be made.

Rosemount Analytical Wireless pH/ORP Transmitter with TUpH™ Submersion/Insertion Sensor:  Monitors pH of cooling tower basin to control treatment chemicals consumption to reduce scale formation and minimize corrosion.

Rosemount Wireless Temperature Transmitter: A Smart Wireless solution for single-point measurements that is ideal for high-performance applications, helping you achieve optimal efficiency with product specifications and capabilities.  Allows monitoring of inlet and/or outlet temperatures for exchanger fouling and limited cooling detection.

Rosemount Guided Wave Radar with Smart Wireless THUM™ Adapter/Wireless Vibrating Fork Level Switches: Enables level measurements to monitor lube oil tank level on compressors. Guided Wave is a suitable technology for continuous level monitoring. For high/low level indications, vibrating fork switches may be more suitable.

Rosemount Wireless DP Flow Meter: Provides high performance flow measurements, to give valuable insight into compressor operation.  Significant increases in gas flow can indicate compressor instability.

AMS Suite for Maintenance: Allows maintenance to diagnose equipment problems using predictive diagnostics. Early warning enables planned maintenance practices and reduces downtime.

Rosemount Wireless Discrete Transmitter with Tyco Trace Tek Sensor:  Senses liquid hydrocarbons, including light and heavy crude and gasoline in drip pans, sumps and on the surface of water, before leaks become catastrophic.

Smart Wireless THUM™ Adaptor: Allows devices compliant with Hart 5 (and later revisions) to wirelessly transmit measurement and diagnostic that was previously unavailable.

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