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WEGA 1 and 2

TESCOM™ single-stage WEGA 1 and dual-stage WEGA 2 cylinder pressure regulators are for gas purities up to 6.0 quality. A relief valve is integrated into the body for low internal gas volume. Both models are lightweight with a compact design. Ideal for use in reduction of high pressure gases in storage cylinders to a low operating pressure and for calibration gases with NH3, SO2, or NO components.
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 Wega 1 and 2 Data Sheet
741 KBpdfSeptember 2014C
 Wega Accessories Data Sheet
554 KBpdfMay 2012C
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 Pressure Reducer Single-Stage/Two-Stage Instruction Manual Multi-Lingual (Europe Only)
940 KBpdfJuly 2008B
WEGA 2 with flow meter
WEGA 2 with flow meter
WEGA 2 with flow meter WEGA 1 WEGA 2
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