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Rosemount 3051S Wireless Solutions


What if you could...

Quickly increase uptime?
Find hidden issues affecting process quality and throughput?
Reduce personnel exposure to hazardous conditions?
Start anywhere, go everywhere?

Quickly increase uptime with consistently accurate, repeatable measurements

Add new wireless measurement points without stressing your budget or I/O capacity
Deploy additional assets throughout your operation at a 40-60% cost savings

Find hidden issues affecting process quality and throughput

Adding Rosemount 3051S Wireless measurement points easily and cost effectively helps extend the life of your assets and reduce equipment failures
Detect potential equipment malfunctions that could disrupt production throughput

Reduce personnel exposure to hazardous conditions

Add measurement points quickly for less field exposure
Eliminate additional trips to the field for routine maintenance rounds

Start anywhere, go everywhere

Easily expand your WirelessHART network with unparalleled network capabilities
Overcome limitations in outdated legacy control systems with flexible integration options

Rosemount 3051S Wireless Capabilities

  • Pressure, DP Flow & DP Level Measurements
  • Reference accuracy: ±0.025% of Span
  • Installed Total Performance: 0.1% of span
  • Stability: ±0.15% of URL for 15 years
  • Rangedown: 200:1
  • 15 year limited Warranty
  • 10 year power module life
  • Wireless range options:
    • Longe Range Antenna - 750 ft(230m),
    • Extended Range Antenna
    • High-Gain Remote - 2/3 mile (1km)
  • Temperature limits -40 °C or 85 °C (Optional -50ºC)

Tackle project demands

Have Extreme Applications? See real applications in harsh environments
See how others are solving their biggest
challenges with Smart Wireless solutions
- View Case Studies
DocumentationFeatures & BenefitsSpecificationsAssociated Products
 Approvals & Certificates
 Product Certificates & Approvals
 Declaration of Conformity: Rosemount Model 3051S Wireless Pressure Transmitters and 3051SF Wireless Series Flowmeter Transmitters
1 MBpdfJuly 2015C
 Product & Service Documentation
 Brochure: Rosemount Filter & Strainer Monitoring Solutions
1 MBpdfJanuary 2015AA
 Brochure: Rosemount Pressure Relieving Equipment Monitoring Solutions
757 KBpdfSeptember 2014AB
 Data Sheets - Bulletins - Catalogs
 Configuration Data Sheet: Rosemount 3051S Wireless
163 KBpdfApril 2013CA
 Product Data Sheet: Rosemount 3051S Series of Instrumentation Scalable Pressure, Flow, and Level Solutions
8 MBpdf
 Manuals & Guides
 Manual: Rosemount 3051S Wireless Series Scalable Pressure, Flow, and Level Solutions
3 MBpdfAugust 2007BA
 Manual: Rosemount 3051S Wireless Series with WirelessHART™ Protocol
5 MBpdfMay 2013BA
 Quick Start Guide: Rosemount 33051S Series Pressure Transmitter and 3051SF Series Flowmeter with WirelessHART® Protocol
3 MBpdf
 Proven Results
 Proven Result: American Oil and Gas Company Automates Offshore Hub with Emerson Smart Wireless
115 KBpdfJune 2014AA
 Proven Result: Emerson’s Smart Wireless Solutions Improve StatoilHydro Offshore Platform
139 KBpdf
 Proven Result: Oil Producer Reduces Production Loss with Smart Wireless Technology
175 KBpdfNovember 2008AA
 Proven Result: Oil Production Company Reduces Steam Injection Costs and Increases Production
66 KBpdfJune 2010AB
 Proven Result: Pipeline Company Eliminates Risk of Environmental Fines with Smart Wireless
89 KBpdfJuly 2010AA
 Proven Result: Pipeline Company Reduces Environmental Risk and Saves on Project Cost with Smart Wireless Technology
86 KBpdfJuly 2010AA
 Proven Result: PXP Improves Oilfield Operation by Optimizing Steam Injection with Emerson Smart Wireless
305 KBpdfMarch 2011AA
 Proven Result: Refinery Gets Tighter Control of Vapor Recovery System with Nitrogen Blanket Monitoring
125 KBpdfJanuary 2016AA
 Proven Result: Refinery Improves Environmental Compliance and Reduces Costs with Wireless Instruments
176 KBpdfMarch 2007AA
 Proven Result: Refinery Initiates Tank Overfill Protection and Optimization of Pre-Heaters with Smart Wireless
160 KBpdfJanuary 2012AA
 Proven Result: Refinery Wirelessly Monitors Junction Box Pressure, Eliminating Manual Checks, Improving Monitoring Coverage, and Preserving Wiring Infrastructure
77 KBpdfAugust 2010AA
 Proven Result: Steel Mill Reduces Downtime, Improves Productivity Through Wireless Monitoring of Secondary Systems
98 KBpdfMarch 2008AA
 Proven Result: Strategic Placement of Wireless Devices Solves Benzene Venting Problem at Refinery
48 KBpdf
 Software Downloads
 Device Drivers
 AMS Device Manager
2 KBhtm
 AMS Device Manager
2 KBhtm
 Field Communicator
2 KBhtm
 HART Device Downloads
2 KBhtm
 HART Device Downloads
2 KBhtm
Rosemount 3051S Wireless Coplanar Pressure Transmitter
Rosemount 3051S Wireless Coplanar Pressure Transmitter
Rosemount 3051S Wireless Coplanar Pressure Transmitter Rosemount 3051SFC Wireless Conditioning Orifice Flowmeter Rosemount 3051SFA Wireless Annubar Flowmeter Rosemount 3051S Wireless Level Transmitter Rosemount 3051S Wireless In-Line Pressure Transmitter
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