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Downhole Pressure & Temperature Measurement Solutions

Providing critical, real-time measurements used to determine and maintain well integrity throughout the exploration, drilling, completion and production processes. We understand the downhole environment and the dynamics required to offer highly stable, accurate and precise measurement solutions. Solutions for the harshest and hottest deep well environments.

Paine 320-10-010 Series, Digital, High Precision Pressure & Temperature Transmitter:
Excellent choice for harsh downhole pressure and temperature measurements. Digital network flexibility and perfect for new tool designs and retrofits.
Paine 212-40-020 Series, VDC, Miniature, HP/HT Pressure & Temperature Transmitter:
High pressure and high temperature (HP/HT) measurement accuracy and stability in a miniature 1/2" diameter solution.
Paine 310-38-520 Series, High Precision, HP/HT Pressure & Temperature Transducer:
Rugged, high precision transducer featuring near real time measurements and the ability to perform in highly corrosive downhole applications.
Paine 311-38-540 Series, Immersion, HP/HT Pressure & Temperature Transducer:
Perfect solution for critical pressure and direct media measurements in extreme environments.
Paine 211-55-010 Series, +600°F, HP/HT Pressure & Temperature Transducer:
HP/HT, 30,000 PSIA, +600°F transducer, Rugged design and compatibility with corrosive environments in drilling and production tools (MWD, LWD, etc).
Paine 211-50-070 Series, +500°F, HP/HT Pressure and Temperature Transducer :
HP/HT, 30,000 PSIA, +500°F. Specifically designed for the offshore oil and gas industry. Pressure and temperature in a small form all welded package.
Roxar Permanent Downhole Monitoring Systems:
The Roxar Permanent Downhole Monitoring System (PDMS) provides reliable real-time data from any location, improving reservoir management, well planning and resource exploitation.
Roxar Completion Accessories:
From riser sealing mandrills and umbilical protectors to subsea and downhole wellhead equipment, Roxar provides a wide a range of solutions to meet all completion and operational needs in the world’s harshest environments.
Roxar Polymer Completion Products:
The PolyOil® range of specialized polymer clamps overcome friction and wear & tear; hold and protect cables and downhole equipment; and protect well integrity.