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Rosemount 3D Solids Scanner: Taking the guesswork out of measuring solids

But what if you could...
Make informed decisions about inventory control?
Take the guesswork out of measuring the level, volume and mass of materials?
Overcome time consuming maintenance issues?
Increase safety and control your process better?
Rosemount 5708L: Average Level
The Rosemount 5708L is optimized to measure level. Its smaller beam-width concentrates the signal over a smaller area and provides a basic level measurement.
Rosemount 5708V: Volume

Provides highly accurate readings of level and volume. Works in most containers and operates with a variety of beam angles.

Rosemount 5708S : Volume and Visualization
Offering the same functionality as the Rosemount 5708V but with the added ability to provide 3D visualization of the measured surface and to connect several scanners into systems to measure also the largest vessels.