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Fisher valve and regulator technologies are born from Emerson's passion to increase customer process safety and efficiency, by defining the industry with more than 135 years of trusted innovations forging the future of flow control solutions.


Highly reliable final control technologies to help you regulate and isolate your processes with certainty. Time-tested and innovative Fisher control valves, regulators, and instrumentation are designed to help customers achieve their process goals.
A full range of Emerson services for Fisher products.
All documentation relevant to the Fisher line of products.
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It's challenging to run a safe and profitable operation. Constraints like cost, multiple suppliers, and inefficient processes keep customers juggling equipment, schedules, and data. The right partner and strategy can alleviate those challenges.
Reduce maintenance and operating costs and increase plant efficiency with Fisher products. Emerson's nuclear experts participate in the development of equipment and qualification standards; safety and reliability is built-in from start to finish.
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Learn how to mount a FIELDVUE™ DVC6200 digital valve controller to a 657 or 667 size i actuator. The enhanced Fisher 657 & 667 sizes 30i through 76i actuators reduce complexity and increase reliability to streamline maintenance and shorten turnarounds.