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Infrared Thermography

Emerging faults are frequently accompanied by excessive heat or heat loss. Typical faults identified using thermographic imaging include:

  • Mechanical Defects - verify machinery wear causing friction-related heat
  • Electrical Systems - accurately diagnose anomalies in electrical systems
  • Insulation Damage - detect insulation damage in process applications as well as buildings and facilities.

Capturing the thermal images of potential problems and analyzing them along side date from vibration and oil analysis allows users to move quickly and easily from a single IR  data image to a detailed report. Emerson's AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager has the ability to import images from popular FLIR and Fluke infrared and thermography cameras so you can manager your infrared data in the same route-based approach as your vibration analysis program. This integration of data across multiple technologies into a single database allows for the most accurate and efficient reporting of machinery health.


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