Emerson Global Users Exchange 2014 

The Emerson Exchange is SHAPED BY USERS FOR USERS and gives automation professionals a unique opportunity to acquire new knowledge, ideas and techniques, to help achieve a step change in the performance of their plants. During this 3-days conference, you have the opportunity to attend User presentations about selecting and applying technologies, justifying investments and developing automation strategies that work.

The first Exchange conference in Düsseldorf last year was a resounding success, with more than 1000 attendees from 44 countries, During the 2014 Stuttgart conference delegates will be able to choose from over 100 unique presentations, most of which given by users, and many of which will be simultaneously translated into Russian. The programme will also include industry forums, solutions exhibition and product roadmaps. Delegates will learn how their peers are competing in challenging economic times – from using technology to compensate for the shortage of people and skills, to maximising the life cycle value of investments.

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