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Lifecycle Services for Micro Motion Products
Emerson provides unparalleled service and support for all of your Micro Motion Coriolis Flow, Density and Viscosity instrument needs. Our extensive network of Certified Field Service personnel provides on-site assistance from instrument start-up to troubleshooting and re-calibration. We have global service centers that can diagnose, repair and re-calibrate your flow, density and viscosity instrumentation.
Featured Services
Educational Services
Ensure your technicians and engineers are confident to correctly install, configure, startup, and troubleshoot your Emerson flow devices. 
Startup Service
Realize the full benefit with Flow Startup Services to ensure new meter installations meet the exact measurement expectation – from the very first time it is placed in operation.
Calibration Services
Calibration is one of the most important factors ensuring optimal performance, improves quality and through-put by reducing uncertainty, and meeting regulatory compliance.
Featured Videos
  • Learn how the Emerson Mobile Calibration for Flow Measurement technologies of Coriolis, Mags and Vortex can shorten the re-calibration period and improve business performance.