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Fisher Products

Reliability Services

Ensure asset reliability using preventive diagnostics, data-driven services and programs performed by certified technicians to improve compliance, turnaround planning and reduce repair and inventory costs.


Sustaining and improving the reliability of your plant, requires you to maintain its critical assets based on criticality and reliable diagnostic heath data throughout the lifespan of your facility.

Extend time between scheduled maintenance events, reduce repair and inventory costs with Emerson’s Lifecycle Services support in developing an equipment lifecycle strategy based on criticality rankings, parts inventory assessments, and preventive diagnostics data analysis.

Improve overall availability by using Emerson-certified technicians to perform periodic, preventive diagnostic health checks on your critical assets; so you know what’s good, what’s normal, and what needs attention to proactively anticipate problems allowing you to schedule downtime more effectively. Emerson technicians insure proper valve, actuator, instrument and regulator installation, calibration, and operation to reduce start-up time to full capacity.

Capture enhanced cost containment and ensure on-time startup with Emerson’s shutdown, turnaround and outage planning to reduce risk and minimize emergent work while strategically incorporating advance technology, upgrades, and retrofit solutions not available at that time of your original project to help secure long-term sustainable reliability. To help your team adapt to new technology and automation advancements or improve your current workforce skills, Emerson Educational Services offers courses through our regional training centers, at your facility, via the web utilizing eLearning or virtual classroom, or through a blended learning approach.

Features & Benefits

  • OEM expertise and best practices using the latest technology for complete facility and field applications.
  • Preventive diagnostics improve troubleshooting time for issue identification, to increase availability and system reliability.
  • Asset criticality ratings focus maintenance and reliability services on assets that can significantly impact your business to maximize your plant availability.
  • Equipment criticality provides direction to those responsible for improving equipment performance as to which equipment items are more important, in an overall sense, to the business – and therefore where they should be directing their efforts.
  • Parts inventory analysis helps optimize inventory based on asset population to keep operational costs down while ensuring parts for emergent needs.
  • Shutdown, turnaround, and outage planning leverages a proven process with collaborative engagement to align maintenance and reliability with facility goals.
  • Technology, upgrades, and retrofits.
  • Training courses are offered through our regional training centers, at your facility, via the web utilizing eLearning or virtual classroom, or through a blended learning approach.
  • Using a documented Quality Management System of processes, procedures, and audits ensures repeatable delivery of reliable Lifecycle Services for Fisher products, in the safest manner possible.

Certified Repair​​