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Fisher Products

Condition-Based Monitoring

Improve control valve performance, availability, and maintenance planning with continuous, predictive valve condition monitoring by expert analysts.

Lifecycle Services | Fisher

You’re faced with an aging workforce, data overload, and too much work to get done but you need a consistent, available, predictable process so you can meet your business goals. However, you don’t have the tools, time, or expertise required to gather the data, digest the information and interpret it into actionable knowledge.

Get the expert help you need without the risk, by partnering with Emerson’s Lifecycle Services as your local consultative resource for gathering and interpreting Fisher™ control valve and process information. We can help you move from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance using many of the tools and smart technology you already have in place like Fisher FIELDVUE™ digital valve controllers, ValveLink™ online software, and AMS Device Manager — for a better return on investment. Then we add agreed upon technology pieces needed, based on business objectives and goals, for a seamless integrated solution.

Emerson’s Lifecycle Services provides the control valve expertise and resources necessary to implement the service, including asset criticality analysis, configuration confirmation using Fisher valve serial information and inventorying plant diagnostic capabilities. Best of all, our subject matter experts will remotely monitor your assets, interpret the results, and provide an actionable summary supported by information from your plant floor; so you can make informed maintenance decisions that are aligned with maintenance and operational objectives to improve the output of your existing assets, systems, and applications. With Emerson’s Lifecycle Services control valve condition monitoring service, you can rely on us to help keep your plant’s control valves running efficiently

Regardless of your current conditions and your starting point, Emerson can work with you to develop monitoring plans that support your operational goals using one, two, or all three tiers of customizable monitoring services to match your plant’s unique needs. For more information or to request a consultation, contact your local Emerson sales representative.

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  • Improve w​ork prioritization so the right actions are taken at the right time.
  • Predict process upsets and plan for action based on business goals.
  • Use your resources, people and equipment, more effectively to drive business goals.
  • Ongoing control valve configuration data maintained and updated to ensure the information used for diagnostics stays accurate.
  • Diagnostic and valve data analysis from continuously monitoring control valve condition provides insight into the health of these critical assets.
  • Access to expert valve analysts that are highly-trained technicians, most having over ten years of experience with Fisher products.
  • Use of time-series trending from ValveLink software test results provides predictive insight into control valve health for early identification of potential valve issues.
  • Recommended data-driven actions provided by expert analysts in a timely summary report that includes suspected issues.
  • Improves turnaround planning through better prioritization of valves for maintenance as well as ordering spare parts ahead of time.
  • Improves control valve and control loop performance, which provides cost savings in operations and energy consumption.
  • Affords early identification of health and control issues, improving overall plant safety.

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