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Parts and Spares Availability

​Improve your plant’s safety and profitability with Emerson’s OEM parts and spares using multiple delivery options that meet the dynamic needs of your plan.

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Proper maintenance of your valves, actuators, instruments, and regulators are critical to minimizing variability, reducing operational costs, and increasing plant safety and availability. That’s why Emerson has over 50,000 unique part numbers in inventory for same day/next day shipments to anywhere in the world through its growing network of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts distribution centers located in cities like Brazil, Cincinnati, China, Dubai, Hungary, Mexico City, and Singapore.

Emerson OEM parts are designed with the same exacting standards as used in Emerson manufacturing plants around the world. Genuine Emerson OEM parts comply with international codes, standards, and approvals including ASME, ANSI, ASTM, ISA, CSA, FM, CENELEC, ATEX, TÜV, and FCI.

As a continuous improvement on our promise to deliver same day/next parts anywhere in the world, Emerson utilizes advanced inventory management and strategically-locates parts warehouses in close proximity to major small package carriers, large customer sites and logistics locations.

To help optimize your parts inventory strategy and increase plant safety your local Emerson sales representatives work with you to balance your critical valves’ long lead-time parts from emergent and day-to-day parts that can be delivered from your local Emerson's Lifecycle Services center or local sales office inventory in one day. With the industry’s largest network of distribution centers providing safe, reliable, genuine OEM parts and spares, Emerson is prepared to meet the dynamic needs of your needs – when and where you need them.

Delivery Options Include:
  • Distribution Network – off the shelf, local Emerson sales representative
  • Same Day / Next Day
  • Quick Ship / Best Match (within 2-3 weeks)
  • Factory order (standard lead time)
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Features & Benefits

  • Global parts warehouse distribution network
  • 50,000+ unique part numbers in inventory
  • Access to OEM materials and performance specifications, drawings, heat treatment, and non-destructive testing requirements
  • Local application support
  • Product warranty maintained using OEM parts
  • Same day/next day delivery – local inventory, Quick Ship, global inventory, make the part
  • Genuine Emerson OEM parts and spares – same parts used in Emerson factories
  • International compliance with codes and standards
  • Spare parts kits with single part number for routine maintenance

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