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Maintenance Planning

​Identify critical assets using proactive maintenance strategies, preventive technologies, OEM products and expertise to enhance safety and reliability.

Lifecycle Services | Fisher

Keeping your process equipment operating optimally, extending essential assets life and performance while ensuring your plants’ operating safely, reliably, and economically — means driving maintenance and operational efficiencies. As a dedicated support partner, Emerson’s Lifecycle Services can assist you in developing a sustainable proactive maintenance plan that impacts business goals and asset reliability by being based on criticality ratings of process equipment and best practices.

Emerson helps you develop sound foundational maintenance data through on-line/off-line diagnostics, centralized asset documentation, application reviews, obsolescence planning, parts and spares management, and expert technical support from Emerson-certified technicians to maximize the period between scheduled maintenance, reducing operating costs, and ensuring process availability.

Emerson’s Lifecycle Services provide you expertise, technology and proven procedures to assure you of repeatable quality services and best in class repair that helps maintain your operations compliance with operational, regulatory, and safety standards to drive long-term process stability and reliability.

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Features & Benefits

  • Extended time between repairs and therefore between shutdowns, turnarounds and outages
  • Establishing asset criticality in your process based on failure impact to plant availability
  • Use maintenance planning to help develop equipment and maintenance strategies
  • Maintenance planning helps reduce unnecessary repairs (eliminate time based repairs and move to reliability centered repairs)
  • Use of experienced, factory-trained and-certified technicians provide expert repair and comprehensive service using Emerson’s OEM specifications and standards
  • Utilize genuine OEM parts on every repair - no matter the manufacturer
  • Proactive diagnostic technologies like FlowScanner™ and FIELDVUE™ instruments, AMS suite, ValveLink™ software, and others provide on-line/off-line asset health information to help make informed maintenance decisions
  • Documented Quality Management System of processes, procedures, and audits ensures repeatable delivery of reliable lifecycle services in the safest manner possible

Certified Repair​​