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Instant Repair and Replacement

Save time and effort with ready to install Emerson products and instant repair or replacement for greater flexibility to help minimize downtime.

Lifecycle Services | Fisher

Managing operational costs, minimizing downtime, and assuring regulatory compliance is an ongoing challenge, when replacing assets in your process plant. As your support partner, Emerson's Lifecycle Services can create a single pull, repair, and install service order to simplify having a replacement valve, actuator, instrument or regulator on-site before removing your deteriorating asset; saving you time and money by significantly shortening the repair timeline and reducing your overall maintenance costs.

An instant repair from Emerson can leverage a new or refurbished unit if you’re replacing obsolete, non-stock, or typically hard-to-locate assets and parts. Refurbished units can be key to helping you keep costs down while assuring full regulatory compliance. No other support partner tests and guarantees that their refurbished assets will meet the original OEM specs, offering you cost-effective performance without the wait.

In some situations, Emerson can ship your instant repair asset the same day you order. Using our Quick Ship delivery to send it to you same-day or next-day delivery service 24/7, 365 days a year – to minimize downtime.

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Features & Benefits

  • Instant repair can be a new or refurbished unit
  • Availability of hard-to-locate or obsolete assets
  • Minimize repair time with asset replacements quickly
  • Fixed price/cost-effective alternative to critical repairs
  • PMI verification of wetted parts for valves
  • Traceability on refurbished asset components
  • Heat treatment - specification based
  • Safety certification compliance via quality control documentation
  • Emerson remanufactured to factory specifications and tested
  • Guarantee industry compliance
  • Save time and money

Certified Repair​​