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Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

​Increase safety, accurately schedule downtime and optimize turnaround scope by identifying and focusing service work to make best use of maintenance budget.

Lifecycle Services | Fisher

Lowering operating and maintenance expenses while you meet your changing production goals requires knowledge about the health status of your production assets. Emerson's Lifecycle Services will work with you to obtain your assets’ health using Emerson-certified technicians, a criticality walk-down survey, off-line diagnostics and troubleshooting to identify performance degradation and maintenance issues before they affect your process – increasing plant safety.

When used in conjunction with application review and asset audit, Emerson off-line diagnostics helps focus your routine repairs and replacements, to make best use of maintenance budget. In addition, it prioritizes service work on assets like valves, actuators, instruments, and regulators helping optimize the scope of your next shutdown, turnaround, and outage, maximizing impact on your plant’s reliability and performance while minimizing downtime.

Emerson can help deliver long-term reliability throughout your plant’s lifecycle using diagnostic services to detail in a comprehensive easy to read report with recommendations on when assets should be repaired or replaced. In addition, properly maintained and calibrated equipment results in optimal plant performance, reduced maintenance costs, and environmental health and safety compliance. Using our proactive diagnostic tools to identify maintenance priorities, Emerson can help you develop a comprehensive lifecycle maintenance plan for your plant.

To leverage the power of proactive maintenance and diagnostic services, contact your local Emerson sales representative.

Diagnostic Tools Available:
  • FIELDVUE™ instruments – on-line/off-line diagnostics
  • ValveLink™ software – on-line/off-line diagnostics
  • Acoustic emission seat leak detection – on-line diagnostics
  • AMS™ Suite: Intelligent Device Manager – on-line diagnostics
  • AMS™ ValveLink™ software – on-line diagnostics
  • Spray nozzle testing – off-line diagnostics
DocumentationFeatures & BenefitsScope

Features & Benefits

  • Off-line/On-line diagnostic capabilities to better identify issues
  • Helps ensure optimal process throughput and availability
  • Improved asset performance and availability
  • Equipment and energy savings due to improved asset efficiency
  • Improved troubleshooting time to identify issues
  • Leverage information to develop criticality list for maintenance
  • Create target list for application review based on criticality list
  • Ease of calibration and configuration
  • Comprehensive diagnostic (red/yellow/green) report provides “as found/as left” information with data-driven recommendations for ongoing improvements

Certified Repair​​