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Cybersecurity Solutions for DeltaV Systems

Security breaches on a process control system can have disastrous implications for process plants. The trend to open, non-proprietary technologies increases the potential vulnerability of these systems to cyber treats, attacks and other external and internal network intrusions. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to carefully evaluate potential security vulnerabilities. Protect your process control system and external network connections, and take appropriate steps to further protect your plant against potential threats.

Cybersecurity Solutions for DeltaV Systems is a comprehensive set of services and products, including expert consultation, patch management services, endpoint solutions and more, to establish a proactive cybersecurity strategy. Because process control and safety instrumented systems are typically used to manage and control industrial processes and critical sites, security measures must address safety, unplanned system downtime, potential liabilities, loss of assets and brand reputation, and the potential for loss of life.

Emerson has expanded its partnership with Intel Security to begin offering McAfee by Intel solutions for DeltaV Systems. A suite of products and related services from a recognized leader in security fill the gaps in your defense-in-depth strategy. Also, Patch Management helps ensure the availability and business continuity of your control system.

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Application Whitelisting for DeltaV Systems
Application Whitelisting for DeltaV Systems is a centrally-managed whitelisting solution that blocks unauthorized executables on servers and workstations.


Endpoint Security for DeltaV Systems
Endpoint Security for DeltaV Systems software provides endpoint protection for key DeltaV system components to improve visibility and expedite response times when deploying and managing security updates.


Network Security Monitor for DeltaV Systems
Network Security Monitor (NSM) for DeltaV™ Systems monitors the traffic on your DeltaV Area Control Network to identify suspicious content and malicious activity.


Patch Management Service for DeltaV Systems
Patch Management establishes a proactive strategy for anti-virus signature screens, security patching and hotfixes.


Security Information and Event Management for DeltaV Systems
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) for DeltaV Systems collects, stores, and correlates events and logs from your DeltaV system, including Windows® operating system and network devices.
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