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Expertise & Innovation To Deliver Proven Results

​​Emerson Process Management is the automation innovator
with the depth of expertise and breadth of technologies to take on
our customers’ toughest challenges and bring predictable success
anytime, anywhere.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Measure & Analyze

The broadest range of measurement and analytical
technologies for process clarity and insight.

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  • Rosemount
  • Micro Motion
  • Daniel
  • Roxar
  • Rosemount Marine
  • Mobrey
  • Magtech
  • Paine

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  • Pressure
  • Level
  • Temperature
  • Flow
  • Marine
  • Gas Analysis
  • Liquid Analysis
  • Tank Gauging
  • Safety Monitoring
  • Wireless

Final Control & Regulate

Highly reliable final control technologies to help you
regulate and isolate your process with certainty.

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  • Bettis
  • Dantorque
  • EIM
  • El-O-Matic
  • FieldQ
  • Francel
  • Enardo
  • Fisher Control
    Valves and Instruments
  • Fisher Regulators
  • Hytork
  • Shafer
  • Virgo
  • Tartarini
  • TopWorx
  • Baumann
  • Damcos
  • Daniel

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  • Control Valves
  • Actuation
  • Regulators and Relief Valves
  • Valve Instrumentation
    and Accessories
  • Isolation Valves

Operate & Manage

The systems and tools that provide the decision integrity
to run your operation at its full potential.

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  • Ovation
  • Remote Automation
  • DeltaV
  • DeltaV SIS
  • AMS Suite
  • CSI Technologies
  • Syncade
  • Field Communicator
  • Aperio
  • ROC
  • ControlWave
  • OpenEnterprise
  • FloBoss

Products View all Products »

  • Process Control
  • Safety & Compliance
  • Operations Management
  • Asset Reliability
  • Decision Support & Data Management

Solve & Support

Expertise and global resources to help you dependably define, execute, and support a strategy throughout the lifecycle of your operation.

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  • Lifecycle Services
  • Educational Services

Featured Content

Vibration Monitoring Prevents $250,000 Incident at Braskem
Vibration Monitoring
Prevents $250,000 Incident
at Braskem »
Even the best-maintained equipment can surprise plant operators with an unexpected breakdown, but as engineers at Braskem’s PP4 polypropylene unit in São Paulo, Brazil recently confirmed, if an incipient fault is detected early enough and monitored carefully, a potential catastrophic failure can be turned into a scheduled, routine repair.
Changing of the Guard in Nuclear Pressure Transmitting
Changing of the Guard in
Nuclear Pressure
Transmitting »
After 14 years of development and testing, Emerson is seamlessly transitioning its legendary, 40-year-old Rosemount 1150 Series of nuclear-qualified pressure transmitters to its new 3150 Series.
Ergon's Mobile Workers Embrace Wireless Freedom
Ergon’s Mobile Workers
Embrace Wireless Freedom »
Wouldn’t it be nice to get off the walkie-talkies and bring your control-room interfaces right out to where your process applications are running? You could get off the radios, stop playing telephone tag with coworkers, punch changes into the system directly and see orders carried out seamlessly. It’d be even better for configuration and turnaround work, and you’d probably save a bunch of time and money, too.
Role of Fired Heater Safety Systems
Role of Fired Heater
Safety Systems »
A fully automated burner management system operating as an SIS for burner control can meet minimum safety targets, improve system availability and lower costs.

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