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Topics to Consider

Open, Industry Standards

Emerson Process Management is committed to open technologies, and demonstrates that commitment by supporting and donating technology to global standards organizations.

Emerson’s Smart Wireless solutions are based on open standards – from IEC 62591 (WirelessHART) and 802.15.4 radio technologies for wireless field networks and IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi for wireless plant networks, to WPA2 and NIST Standard FIPS-197 encryption for communication security.

IEC 62591 (WirelessHART™) for Wireless Field Network

Sensor / field device applications
The IEC-approved WirelessHART standard was developed under the guidance of the HART Communication Foundation (HCF) through the combined, cooperative efforts of HCF member companies, leaders in wireless technology and the input of industry users.

WirelessHART is a backward compatible, cost-effective, common sense approach to wireless communication that supports industry requirements for a Simple, Reliable and Secure wireless communication technology. WirelessHART complements, but does not replace, wired HART technology, providing an additional capability that can benefit both existing wired applications and new monitoring and control applications.

Emerson's Smart Wireless range of pressure, flow, level, temperature, and vibration transmitters and gateways are available with WirelessHART standard communications, as is AMS® Suite predictive maintenance software and 375 field communicator. The continuous stream of future new products from Emerson will also use the standard, including the pH transmitter, discrete transmitter, valve position transmitter, the Smart Wireless THUM™ Communicator to unleash stranded diagnostics in legacy devices, and the DeltaV™ native wireless interface.

FieldComm Group™ Hart Communication Protocol Website

IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi for Wireless Plant Network

Business / operations applications
Plant Network applications such as wireless video, voice, mobile tools, and tracking are used by a wide range of industries. The IEEE LAN/MAN Standards Committee developed the IEEE 802.11 set of standards for wireless local area network (WLAN) communications.

Emerson and Cisco Offer Open-Standard Wireless Solutions for the Process Industries. Emerson is the global leader in process automation, working with Cisco, the global leader in networking. This means our customers get the “best-in-class” using Emerson’s wireless field networks and using Cisco’s unified architecture for wireless plant networks, and all of the capabilities that Cisco brings, including industrial-class mesh IEEE 802.11 access points, centralized network and security management and an extensive network of partner providers.