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Smart Wireless is not a top-down or bottom-up model. You can begin anywhere based on what your highest priority needs are - big or small.

Our Smart Wireless solution does not require you to invest in an expensive wireless infrastructure throughout your facility to try out a simple monitoring application. All our gateways, devices, access points and software use wireless communication standards and have gone through rigorous coexistence testing. This ensures that wherever you start in the architecture, you can seamlessly and easily expand later as your budget and your confidence in the technology evolve. For example, would additional process measurements help you improve product quality or reduce energy usage? Build a self-organizing sensor network at the field level. Need to leverage the skills of your best operators? Set up plant-level wireless access points so workers can get the information they need wherever they are. Are both types of applications important? No problem; you can do both at once.

In short, you can start wherever it makes sense for you – without investing in more infrastructure than you need for that application.