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Topics to Consider

Network Overview

Wireless technologies can have a dramatic impact for your plant in two broad categories:

 Wireless Field Networks
      sensor / field device applications

 Wireless Plant Networks
      business / operations applications

Emerson’s Smart Wireless solutions extend the benefits of PlantWeb digital architecture for Wireless Field and Plant Network applications. This extension has united wireless process plant operations with plant enterprise networks to provide a complete, integrated, open-standard network.

This architecture provides highly secure, reliable, easy-to-use, open, standards-based wireless solutions for process automation, workforce productivity, and plant management.

Wireless Field Networks are extremely low-powered to enable the use of battery-powered devices that operate for many years on the same battery. These solutions are also extremely secure and reliable. Emerson uses open standards such as 802.15.4 and WirelessHART to provide these solutions.

Wireless Plant Networks provide the high bandwidth, flexibility and expansion capabilities required by your business and operational applications. Of course, security and reliability are just as important for these applications as well. Emerson uses open standards such as 802.11 (“WiFi”) to provide these solutions.

Emerson’s Smart Wireless solutions provide seamless integration of wireless technologies with existing wired networks to address process industry needs. These wireless technologies can solve difficult plant problems and improve plant operations.