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Wireless Products

Smart Wireless Field Starter Kit

Smart Wireless Field Starter Kit

Getting started with wireless technology has never been easier! Emerson has developed a complete wireless automation kit you can order today, which now includes wireless enabling devices ... request a quote! 

You can choose how many and what combination of Emerson wireless devices comprise your Smart Wireless Field Starter Kit :

  • Field Instruments:
    Choose from wireless pressure, temperature, level, flow, vibration, discrete switches, or pH instruments. 
  • Wireless Enabling Devices:
    Wireless enabling devices can help to free up stranded diagnostics from your wired devices. Choose from the Smart Wireless THUM™ Adapter or wireless valve position monitors.
  • Gateway:
    A secure, robust Smart Wireless Gateway
  • Configuration and Asset Health:
    AMS Device Manager software for predictive diagnostics from your wireless devices. Easily manage your wired and wireless networks from a single application. 
  • Services:
    SmartStart™ Services to help you with your first startup, including a full network health assessment to ensure robust communications plus verification of device functionality through your chosen output (Modbus, TCP/IP, Ethernet, etc.) S
    martStart™ Services include the startup and commissioning of wireless industrial process control systems, technical support services, troubleshooting services and software installation.

Note: The number of wireless devices is flexible. You may order more than 5 units and adjust the mix of devices.

Get Started with Smart WIreless
Getting started with Smart Wireless is easy. Emerson’s Smart Wireless Field Starter Kit is a risk-free, easy way to begin learning how wireless can work in your facility. Learn more >>

Request a Smart Wireless Field Starter Kit Quote
Simply start by [clicking here]. You can specify the combination and number of devices.

Smart Wireless Field Starter Kit
Emerson's Smart Wireless Field Starter Kit will automatically create a secure
robust Smart Wireless network right
out of the box.
• No site surveys
• No special tools
• Seamless integration with wired
• Automatic scalability
Learn more >>