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Digital Intelligence

The PlantWeb digital plant architecture begins with a strong foundation of field intelligence

With their digital capabilities -- including onboard microprocessors, embedded software, and open-standard communications -- these field devices can…

  • deliver precise measurement and control to reduce process variability…information which was not previously available to operations, maintenance and engineering
  • handle multiple variables to reduce the number of devices required
  • perform diagnostics to monitor device health and predict problems
  • even provide local control where appropriate.

 And the concept of field intelligence is now being extended to rotating and mechanical equipment. These capabilities can dramatically reduce your costs for capital and engineering, as well as ongoing operations and maintenance.

Predictive intelligence in the field senses process and equipment abnormalities that used to go unnoticed...until they caused a process problem or a shutdown. A pressure transmitter, for example, can detect impulse-line plugging and alert operators and maintenance personnel so they can take appropriate action before the process is affected. Or valve-signature diagnostics can tell you which valves need attention during your next scheduled shutdown - and which don't.

With leading technology brands like Fisher, Micro Motion, and Rosemount, Emerson offers you a complete range of best-in-breed devices that deliver the benefits of FOUNDATION fieldbus, including

    • Pressure Transmitters
    • Temperature Transmitters
    • Magnetic Flowmeters
    • Vortex Flowmeters
    • Coriolis Flow and Density Meters
    • pH Transmitters
    • Conductivity Transmitters
    • Amperometric Transmitters
    • Oxygen Analyzers
    • Oxygen Transmitters
    • Gas Chromatographs
    • Fan/Damper Actuators
    • Digital Valve Controllers
    • Valve Act​uators 

We also have the most complete offering of intelligent field devices that use the HART protocol. Only with PlantWeb can y​ou get a complete solution that integrates FOUNDATION fieldbus, HART, and conventional I/O through a single platform and single user interface.

To learn more about what makes PlantWeb the best architecture for your plant, visit the "Connecting your plant" section.

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