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Engineering School

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Choosing the right bus

Because different network technologies have different capabilities, choosing the right bus (or buses) for your operation can help minimize project cost and maximize operational benefits. These courses will help you make the right choice for achieving the higher yield, better quality, and lower operating costs your plant is capable of.

Networks for process automation  
Buses 101 - Field Level Networks
Buses 102 - Understanding Ethernet

Buses 201 - Introduction to HART
Buses 202 - HART Communications
Buses 203 - HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus or analog for your project?

FOUNDATION fieldbus or Profibus PA  
Buses 301 - FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 or Profibus PA?


FOUNDATION fieldbus offers distinct advantages over traditional analog and discrete wiring - at lower total installed cost and lower ongoing costs. It's not any harder to learn or to use than those traditional technologies - just different. These courses can help you understand those differences, and how to put FOUNDATION fieldbus to work for you.

FOUNDATION fieldbus basics  
Fieldbus 101 - Introduction to FOUNDATION fieldbus
Fieldbus 102 - Fieldbus communications
Fieldbus 103 - Loop scheduling
Fieldbus 104 - Fieldbus blocks
Fieldbus 105 - Diagnostics with fieldbus

Common technical topics  
Fieldbus 201 - Fieldbus interoperability
Fieldbus 202 - Reliability and redundancy
Fieldbus 203 - Intrinsic safety

Network wiring and hardware  
Fieldbus 301 - Network wiring fundamentals
Fieldbus 302 - Network wiring options
Fieldbus 303 - Segment hardware

Planning a project  
Fieldbus 401 - Project engineering standards
Fieldbus 402 - Choosing a host system
Fieldbus 403 - Control design
Fieldbus 404 - Segment design

Installation and checkout  
Fieldbus 501 - Commissioning
Fieldbus 502 - Checkout and troubleshooting

Safety instrumented systems

Is there a safety instrumented system in your future? The following courses will help you learn what to expect, what questions to ask, and what to do to get the reliable, affordable, and standards-compliant SIS you need.

Basic safety concepts  
SIS 101 - What is risk?
SIS 102 - Reducing risk
SIS 103 - Safety standards

Building your SIS  
SIS 201 - Physical design
SIS 202 - Functional design
SIS 203 - Verification & validation
SIS 204 - Installation & commissioning

Using your SIS  
SIS 301 - Operations & maintenance
SIS 302 - Modifications
SIS 303 - Decommissioning

The intelligent advantage  
SIS 401 - Smart SIS

The Engineering School lets you explore leading automation technologies -- and how to make the most of them in your own operations.

Choosing the right bus helps you decide which field-level network meets your needs. FOUNDATION fieldbus covers this popular topic from basic concepts to implementation. Safety instrumented systems explains what an SIS is and does, plus practical tips on complying with safety standards.
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