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Business School

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Improve plant efficiency by increasing output and reducing costs

You may have already reached a practical limit on the improvements possible with traditional process automation. So what do you do when management and customers demand that you do even more with even less? These courses show how you can go beyond the limited capabilities of traditional automation architectures and use predictive intelligence to increase output and reduce costs - for plant efficiency improvements of 2% or more.

Increase Output  
Quality 101 - Improving quality through improved process control
Availability 101 - Improving availability - Overview
Availability 201 - Improving availability by proper equipment installation
Availability 301 - Improving availability by detection and monitoring
Throughput 101 - Improving throughput with improved process control

Reduce Costs
Operations & Maintenance 101 - Maintenance strategies and work practices to reduce costs
Operations & Maintenance 201 - Online monitoring & predictive diagnostics to reduce costs
SH&E 101 - Reducing Safety, Health and Environmental costs 

Improving profitability through structured metrics

There are several ways you can optimize your process to improve profitability. But it can be difficult to understand the overall effectiveness of a complex operation so you can decide where to make improvements. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) can help. Learn how you can use this structured metric to evaluate the health and reliability of your process and equipment.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness  
OEE 101 - Introduction to OEE
OEE 102 - Availability
OEE 103 - Productivity
OEE 104 - Quality
OEE 105 - How can PlantWeb impact OEE?

Reduce cost and increase availability with streamlined maintanence

A well-managed maintenance program can improve the bottom line by increasing plant uptime, throughput, and quality. But inefficient maintenance practices can eat into profits. See how to optimize the positive impact of maintenance by viewing it in terms of both cost reduction and operational improvement.

Maintenance practices and strategies  
Maintenance 101
- Understanding maintenance strategies
Maintenance 102 - Reliability based maintenance
Maintenance 103 - Making work processes more efficient
Maintenance 104 - Implementing improved work processes

Online monitoring to reduce costs  
Maintenance 201 - Monitoring high reliability and high failure equipment
Maintenance 202 - Field Device Asset Management

Streamlining maintenance with PlantWeb  
Maintenance 301 - Problem detection
Maintenance 302 - Work order generation and planning
Maintenance 303 - Calibration
Maintenance 304 - Mechanical equipment

The Business School focuses on improving plant profitability. You'll learn how to improve plant efficiency for higher output and lower costs, how to reduce costs and increase availability by streamlining maintenance strategies, and how to improve profitability using the structured metric of Overall Equipment Effectiveness.
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