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Essential Asset Monitoring

Monitor Pump Health, Protect Your Operation
See how you can identify and resolve cavitation, lubrication issues, seal leaks, bearing wear, and alignment issues long before they cause pump failures.
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Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers
Discover how you can get ahead of problems like icing, reduced cooling, resonance frequency, alignment issues, and louver damage.
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Cooling Towers
Gain insight into emerging problems like icing, warming, water chemistry problems, fan issues, pump issues, and louver issues.
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Heat Exchangers
Learn how you can spot problems with heat duty, fouling, plugging, solid precipitation, vaporization in tubes, and lost energy costs.
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Archived Webinars  

Essential Asset Monitoring

Increasing offshore production revenues through wireless technology 
Operators can streamline practices offshore while increasing reliability on critical and essential equipment such as pumps and compressors.
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Condition Monitoring on Cooling Towers with WirelessHart: Detecting changes in equipment condition like gearbox electrical motors and cooling water conditions are the keys to avoiding cooling tower damage, environmental incidents and negative business impact.
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Wireless Pump Health Monitoring: control costs, avoid unexpected shutdown and increase plant availability
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Enabling Energy Management

Are you prepared for the EU Energy Efficiency Directive?
Understanding the implications of the Energy Efficiency Directive, requirements and exceptions. Assure you actually achieve energy savings and improve business results.
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Reducing energy losses does not always require big investments :
You can optimize your usage and comply with the coming Energy Efficiency Directive. Steam traps can play in this.
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Multi-Fuel Boiler Control and Optimisation :
Multi-fuel boilers burning alternative fuels and waste fuels are a challenge. The need for significant fossil fuel to stabilise combustion and maintain header  pressure means you may not be realising the fuel savings and CO2 credits you planned for.
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Archived Webinars :

Part I: Boilerhouse control and optimisation
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Part II: Utilisation in the Process
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Part III: maintaining peak asset performance
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Part IV: An overall systematic approach
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Improving Combustion Through Better Flue Gas Analysis

Part I - Overview Of Flue Gas Analysis
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Part II - Best Practices In Applying And Maintaining Flue Gas Analyzers:
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Part III - Flue Gas Analysis As a Furnace Diagnostic Tool.
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Measuring Instruments Directive

The new European MID Directive for Custody Transfer Measuring Instruments: The European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) For Custody Transfer Measuring Instruments applies to all EU countries and will be mandatory by 2016. By implementing MID to comply to Custody Tranfer Regulations, you may also help minimizing measurement uncertainties, taxes, and possibly legal issues.
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