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Emerson  introduces digital, +175°C, high-precision pressure and temperature transmitter designed for corrosive harsh downhole measurements
(August 10, 2016)

32X-New.jpgEngineered with the latest in micro-processor based technology, the Paine™ 320-12-0010 Precision Pressure and TemperatureTransmitter provides digital measurements through an easy-to-use communication interface. This transmitter also features an all-welded small external form factor that is capable of operating in corrosive environments. With excellent long-term stability, this device offers reliable performance and accurate digital measurements in harsh application conditions.

Emerson and Wanhua sign strategic cooperation agreement​
(August 2, 2016)

Emerson and Wanhua Chemical Group recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Under this strategic cooperation, Emerson will supply Wanhua with automation systems and services, control valves, and measurement instruments. The cooperation will enable both parties to jointly develop an intelligent manufacturing model for building smart factories and a smart industrial park, supporting the China Manufacturing 2025 blueprint.

Dominic Tang, vice president and general manager of Emerson Process Management, China, Park Liu Boxue, vice president of Wanhua Chemical Group and other business leaders attended the agreement signing ceremony on June 28, 2016.

The Emerson Instrument Advisor mobile app makes product specification easier
(July 28, 2016)

Instrument-Advisor-News-Alert.jpgEmerson’s new mobile app simplifies product specification for Rosemount technologies. Instrument Advisor saves customers time by verifying that the products they are choosing fit their applications. The app produces a detailed report that specifies the base model of the product and other information needed to start the quotation process. This app allows customers to receive accurate quotes in a short time frame. More information about the Instrument Advisor App including the link to the free download can be found at EmersonProcess.com/Rosemount-Instrument-Advisor

The Rosemount™ 3051S MultiVariable™ Transmitter is now available with the Foundation™ Fieldbus Protocol
(May 25, 2016)

3051SMV_wTemperature.jpgEmerson has added the Foundation™ Fieldbus protocol to the Rosemount 3051S MultiVariable transmitter. The 3051S MultiVariable transmitter allows users to make three separate measurements in one simple, easy-to-use device, leading to a significant reduction in installed cost. The device can also calculate fully compensated mass flow in the transmitter, without extra work in the digital control system or requiring a separate flow computer to make the calculation. For gas, steam and liquid applications, utili​​​zing a differential pressure, static pressure and process temperature measurement, delivers best-in-class accuracy and performance. The 3051S MultiVariable transmitter is available in integrated Rosemount flow meters that come fully leak-tested and ready to install for any flow application. Additional information on the Rosemount 3051SMV can be found at www.EmersonProcess.com/Rosemount-3051S-MultiVariable​.​

Emerson’s AMS Device Manager wins Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year Gold Award 
(April 11, 2016) 

2015_POY_AwardLogo_Gold.jpgRecognized in the Asset Management category for streamlining commissioning practices, Emerson’s AMS Device Manager v13.0 was named the 2015 Product of the Year Gold Winner by the readers of Plant Engineering magazine. The magazine’s readers vote for newly released products based on quality, innovation, and supplier support. AMS Device Manager drives efficient intelligent field device management, helping maintenance and operations sustain the health and reliability of smart devices to avoid production interruptions. 

“With AMS Device Manager version 13.0, we re-envisioned traditional device configuration and commissioning practices,” said Nathan Pettus, vice president of Emerson Process Management’s Reliability Solutions business.  “Because thousands of devices are easily managed with a few actions, this new methodology reduces the time required to commission smart devices by 75-80%. Improving safety, availability, and profitability so that our users get the best from our products is an integral part of everything we offer.”

New technical guide available for using WirelessHART® devices in industrial applications 

(December 28, 2015)

 To help users take full advantage of WirelessHART systems, Emerson has released “System Engineering Guidelines IEC 62591 WirelessHART.” This free document describes WirelessHART system functions and capabilities, networks, modes of operation, and step-by-step procedures for wireless system design, installation, access and use.

The document summarizes the essential requirements and general guidelines necessary for smooth execution of any project containing WirelessHART technology. Part 1 of the guidelines addresses use of WirelessHART technology from the appraise (conceptual design) stage through to the pre-FEED, FEED, execution, and operation stages. Part 2 describes deployment of the field network components that comprise WirelessHART networks.

The guidelines can be downloaded at www.EmersonProcess.com/WSEG.​

Emerson earns Product Innovation Award for portable vibration monitoring from
Frost & Sullivan
(November 24, 2015)

The CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer was awarded the 2015 Global Portable Vibration Monitoring Product Innovation Award by Frost & Sullivan. Based on a 10-point scale, the CSI 2140 scored a 9.5 for product attributes and a 9.0 for customer impact—well above the scores of its closest competitors. Frost & Sullivan follows a 10-step process to evaluate award candidates and assess their fit with select best-practice criteria. The reputation and integrity of the awards are based on close adherence to this process.

“Emerson has revolutionized an entire industry through the CSI 2140,” said Vijay Mathew, program manager, Measurement & Instrumentation, Frost & Sullivan. “Not only is it sleeker, faster, lighter, and more durable than any other product in its class, the CSI 2140 has also made route data collection considerably more efficient." 

Click here to learn more about the award criteria and the capabilities of the CSI 2140, or visit the CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer webpage​.

Emerson’s interactive blended-learning environment helps students master vibration analysis skills using cost-effective training tools 
(September 4, 2015)

Emerson Process Management’s Educational Services introduces a cost-effective means for mastering vibration analysis skills that delivers increased skill retention and immediate results.

Like the traditional classroom course offering, Emerson’s Vibration Analysis Workshop for the PdM Professional (Course 2008B)  delivers a broad understanding of the Vibration Analysis module from AMS Machinery Manager software, but packaged in a self-paced, blended-learning experience. Participants are provided with a workbook, access to a virtual training computer, and an eLearning module to complete course material from their home or office.

Register online​ or by calling 800-338-8158 . For more information, contact Emerson Educational Services at mhm.training@emerson.com  or 800-675-4726.

Optimized Antisurge Control Simulator helps users protect their investment in critical compression turbomachinery
(June 12, 2015)

Emerson Process Management and Compressor Controls Corporation (CCC) collaborated to develop the Optimized Antisurge Control Simulator, a demonstration tool which provides a window into the operation of compression turbomachinery.

To producers in a variety of process control industries, compressors are among their most critical and costly assets. An average-sized compressor such as one applied in a natural gas compressor station costs millions to install. A surge event ─ a fast, high-energy flow reversal ─ may damage the compressor, and the resulting downtime could cost the gas producer up to $1 million per day. The simulator will show producers how to avoid costly failures, protect and increase the efficiency of their investment.

For more details, watch a video, download a flyer, or contact an Emerson sales office near you to schedule a demonstration.

Emerson’s vibration analyzer wins Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year Gold Award

(April 9, 2015)

Emerson’s CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzerwas recognized as a Gold Winner in the 2014 Product of the Year program by the readers of Plant Engineering magazine. The magazine’s readers vote for newly released products they recognize for quality, innovation, and supplier support. “It is an honor to be recognized by the knowledgeable readers of Plant Engineering,” said Nathan Pettus, vice president of Emerson Process Management’s Reliability Solutions business. ”To earn our user’s trust and approval validates that we are helping run their facilities with improved safety, availability, and profitability.” The CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer’s fast data collection provides advance warning of machinery failure, by using unique impact detection capabilities to detect bearing and gearbox degradation.

Emerson releases Regulator Toolkit, Version 8.0
(April 7, 2015)

Emerson Process Management has released the latest version of its Regulator Toolkit​. This PC application is designed to guide users quickly and easily to technical information, product literature, and other tools to learn more about which regulator or relief valve is best for various applications. It features a regulator selection wizard to assist users in selecting the correct regulator for particular applications, a sizing program, CAD drawings, a document search, as well as animations and videos on regulator installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Emerson begins manufacturing at new global headquarters for its Rosemount® technologies
(March 17, 2015)

Emerson Process Management has begun manufacturing at the company’s new 500,000-square-foot production facility in the Minneapolis metro area. “Increasing production capacity was necessary to meet a growing demand for our instruments,” said Mark Schumacher, president and general manager of Emerson’s Rosemount pressure and temperature business. “Expanding the manufacturing footprint for our products, beginning with our pressure technologies, underscores the importance of meeting our customers’ demands for precision devices that are delivered quickly and efficiently.”​

Emerson releases new valve trim for Y-grade natural gas liquids service
(September 12, 2014)

Emerson Process Management has released the Fisher® Type C804H-32 internal valve for
Y-grade natural gas liquids (NGLs) in transport truck and large storage tank applications. This 4” internal valve utilizes a new trim seal formula designed to withstand the corrosive effects associated with Y-grade NGL service, helping operators reduce premature trim replacement and process interruption, as well as lower maintenance costs. A trim conversion kit is also available for Fisher C404-32 4” internal valves. For more information, visit the Fisher Type C804H-32 product page.


Emerson's Rosemount 3051S Series of Instrumentation now available with 15-year long term stability and 15-year warranty
(August 7, 2014)

Emerson Process Management has improved the stability of the Rosemount 3051S pressure transmitter to 15 years and lengthened the coverage of the limited warranty to 15 years.  Users in all industries can benefit from these improvements through extended calibration intervals and better measurement repeatability over time. Users can achieve 15 years of process and measurement repeatability under installed operating conditions, resulting in improved batch-to-batch quality and reduced process uncertainty. Calibration intervals can be extended to minimize time and costs spent on maintenance and troubleshooting. Additional information on the Rosemount 3051S can be found at www.rosemount.com/3051S.


Emerson Process Management Australia Online Store
(June 5, 2014)

Continuing to invest in resources and capabilities to support customers in Australia, Emerson Process Management has launched the Emerson Process Management Australia Online Store. The store simplifies the purchasing experience for customers, enabling them to directly place orders online for select Rosemount products and spare parts. Emerson helps customers address their safety, reliability and efficiency challenges with a complete line of pressure, temperature, flow, level, and safety measurement instrumentation.  The online store is one of many recent programs to equip Australian customers with the insight and capabilities to operate their plants at their full potential. Customers may access the store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at: Store.rosemount.com/AUOnline. 


The Engineer’s Guide to Level Measurement for Power and Steam Generation
(August 28, 2013)
Emerson has introduced an informative user handbook entitled "The Engineer’s Guide to Level Measurement for Power and Steam Generation." The guide will help managers, engineers and technicians assess the range of level technologies and products available, and choose the one most appropriate for their needs.  The guide summarizes various steam and water processes, considers the different level measurement challenges encountered when optimizing processes, and offers a selection chart which rates each technology based on its capability to handle the various measurement challenges. Request a free copy by emailing level.marketing@emerson.com.


The Engineer’s Guide to Industrial Temperature Measurement
(July 26, 2013)
Emerson has introduced a introduced a new “go to” guide for temperature measurement information. The Engineer’s Guide to Industrial Temperature Measurement, called the “Temperature Guide” for short, is packed full of valuable information including: temperature basics; conversion tables; maintenance and calibration; best practices; proven results and more. It also offers valuable insights and answers to 30 common challenges from Emerson engineers and over 100 proven from a variety of industries and applications .This single source for valuable temperature measurement information it is now available free-of-charge online at www.rosemount.com/tempguide. Visitors can order their free copy of the printed book, view an interactive version 24/7 or downloaded a PDF.

700th gas aspirator delivered
(July 19, 2013)
The recent Emerson acquisition,Groveley Detection Ltd., supplied its 700th gas aspirator in a delivery last month to an offshore oil and gas platform in Russia – complete with special heated sampling probes for temperatures down to -40ºC. The aspirators – also known as sampling systems – are used with any industrial gas detector to monitor for hazardous gas concentrations as well as with air particulate monitors for the presence of smoke or carbon. The aspirators provide a unique, low-maintenance solution to the complex problem of accurately monitoring gas and smoke ingress into areas where it is not practical or safe to position an instrument directly. 

Monsanto earns 2012 HART Plant of the Year Award
(June 11, 2013)
Congratulations to the Monsanto chemical manufacturing plant in Muscatine, Iowa, USA for receiving the 2012 HART Plant of the Year Award. Using AMS Suite software - integrated with  HART-enabled field instruments - Monsanto discovered significant maintenance cost savings and transitioned from reactive to predictive maintenance. Find details here:  Control Engineering article and video, HART web news, and HART press release.

Rosemount level switch is ideally suited to critical overfill applications
(April 3, 2013)
Emerson has released a short video that describes how the Rosemount 2160 Wireless Level Switch is perfectly suited to control duties - for example as an emergency shutdown switch in critical overfill applications. With fast update rates and advanced broadcasting functions, the 2160 is ideal for providing overfill protection and high and low level alarms in remote tanks - preventing spills and costly environmental pollution fines. Click here to view the video.

Rosemount level switch is SIL2 certified

(February 20, 2013)
The Rosemount 2130 vibrating fork level switch is now SIL2 certified, making it ideal for high and low level alarms in critical applications. In addition, a new 8/16mA output unlocks the full diagnosticscapabilites of the 2130. These include self-checking and condition monitoring with a "heartbeat" LED to provide status and instrument health information. For more details visit: www.rosemount.com/level

Complete Analytical Solutions
(May 4, 2012) 
A new Analytical Solutions brochure provides methodologies for solving process and operational problems in a wide range of industries using gas chromatography, process gas analysis, emissions and combustion analysis, industrial hazard safety and continuous online liquid analysis. The Complete Analytical Solutions brochure includes methods and techniques on how to successfully:

  • Implement measurement analysis in chemical and petrochemical installations
  • Improve refining processes through improved data acquisition
  • Obtain peak power generation performance with minimal environmental impact
  • Enhance hazardous area monitoring with advanced optical flame detection and toxic/combustible gas detection to lower maintenance and cost-of-ownership
  • Provide increased service and support capabilities

Emerson Exchange 365
(March 9, 2012)
The Emerson Exchange 365 online community brings together Emerson Process  Management customers, employees, local business partners, and complementary suppliers together to exchange ideas and best practices. Its mission is to extend these peer-to-peer relationships globally in order to  improve the efficiency and use of process automation systems and solutions employed at plants by sharing knowledge, experiences and application information.


Emerson Exchange
Emerson Exchange 365 Community