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Naphtha Reforming

Naphtha ReformerThe Naphtha Reformer Unit is a primary process unit to elevate gasoline octane and provide intermediate feedstock to BTX petrochemical processes.  Since the reformate product is important for the gasoline pool, both quality (octane) and reliability are key to ensuring gasoline blends meet the required specifications.


: One main challenge of the reformer unit is maintaining precise heater outlet temperature on all reactor heaters to ensure product quality.  In addition, keeping the reformer unit online is essential since it provides hydrogen to the hydrotreaters, isomerization unit, and hydrocracker unit; an unscheduled shutdown of this unit can slowdown or shutdown other units that are dependent on the hydrogen generated.


: Utilizing Emerson’s SmartProcess Heater Optimization can ensure precise control of each heater outlet temperature, thus providing the desired product consistency and quality for the gasoline pool.  Smart instruments on key assets provide the additional asset health measurements to predict imminent failure, thus allow the opportunity to take corrective action prior to the failure.  Keeping the reformer unit up and running ensures hydrogen is available for other units depending on it.

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