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Distillation & Fractionation



: The biggest challenge of separation processing is to get the desired yield on sidecuts and products that just meet specifications at the lowest cost in energy required to drive the separation.


Emerson has separation advanced control solutions to address both fractionators and distillation units.  With long time dynamics in high volume columns, advanced control can use models that represent the actual dynamics of the process to make the right process control adjustments for optimal separation at the lowest cost to operate.

Distillation Optimization
You can take advantage of Emerson’s SmartProcess® Distillation Column Optimizer to maximize performance of your distillation columns. By using the advanced process control (APC) technology in the SmartProcess® solution, Emerson can deliver a turn-key optimized distillation column solution.

Fractionator Optimization
Emerson's SmartProcess® Fractionator Optimizer is a fast implementation APC solution that is easy to setup, use, and maintain.  This automation solution also minimizes disturbances from crude switching, thus minimizing impact to all downstream units.

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