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Delayed Coker

Delayed Coker

The Delayed Coker Unit is an important processing unit to extract high value fuel products from the bottom of the barrel oil.


Similar to the crude switching disturbance, the coking unit experiences a disturbance on a daily basis when the coke drums are switched over.


Advanced process control can minimize the disturbance caused by the frequent coke drum switching and provide a faster transition back to normal operating conditions.  In addition, advanced process control on the heater allows more consistent temperature control to minimize coke buildup with less temperature variability.

Heater Optimization
Emerson’s SmartProcess® Heater Optimizer delivers energy savings and more stable operation of fired process heaters.  This fast implementation solution combines advanced regulatory and combustion control modules to optimize operation of multi-pass process heaters. Combustion controls maintain safe operation while continuously operating closer to maximum efficiency.

Additional information about improving coker reliability and performance: