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Smart Turnarounds

Time is money during a turnaround when the plant is not in operation, so scheduled downtime must be carefully planned and methodically executed to get all the required activities safely completed without costly schedule delays.  Refineries, petrochemical plants and other continuous processes will run for years between turnarounds, thus pre-planning is key to maximizing the opportunity to repair, replace, and upgrade equipment to enhance performance.


One of the biggest challenges in a turnaround is determining what assets will be cleaned/serviced/repaired/replaced/upgraded and ensure a key asset requiring attention is not missed, nor work done on assets in good health.  In addition, the turnaround work needs to be completed within the scheduled timeslot and within budget constraints.


Emerson’s PlantWeb technology allows the opportunity to evaluate asset health prior to the planning phase of a turnaround.  This additional information provides more informed decisions - you are aware of what needs maintenance to ensure reliability until the next turnaround, and what assets are in good health avoiding unnecessary maintenance time and cost for these good assets.

The turnaround period is also a convenient opportunity to add or upgrade automation in key process areas to enhance safety, improve process reliability, and reduce energy consumption through smart instrumentation.  Most process units were built with the minimum amount of instrumentation to operate the unit, making it difficult to effectively optimize efficiency, reliability, and safety. One cost effective and quick option is to utilize Emerson’s SMARTWireless solutions for cost-prohibitive wired measurements.

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