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Reliability and Utilization

Unplanned slowdowns and shutdowns significantly affect the profitability of a refiner.  The problem is that many assets do not have monitoring capability, or if they do have monitoring, the diagnostics (HART) are stranded because of an outdated system.  With unreliable operation, the entire refinery suffers with underutilization which in turn means less profit.


Most refineries were constructed with the minimal amount of instrumentation required to operate the plant.  Operating at safe, optimal efficiency with improved reliability requires additional process and asset health monitoring measurements.


Refiners with more predictive and proactive maintenance programs based on asset monitoring capabilities benefit with higher reliability at lower costs than refiners with reactive maintenance programs.

Emerson's SMARTWireless products offer cost-effective solutions to add missing asset health monitoring capabilities and capture stranded asset diagnostics.

The path to more reliable operation is having asset health information available in a timely manner to allow the opportunity to act and prevent a failure, thus avoid an unscheduled shutdown, slowdown, environmental incident, or safety incident.


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