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Green House Gas (GHG) Emission Measurement & Reporting

Emerson is currently consulting with our refining clients on measurements and systems required to capture Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission data.  We offer leading digital technology that meets industry consensus standards plus we are continuing to expand our technology to meet customer requirements at the lowest total cost of ownership.  In addition, we make recommendations how measurements can provide added value from analyzing and optimizing existing operation.  Optimization solutions include monitoring GHG emissions and improving fired heater operation with significant savings in fuel usage.  Our breadth of smart instruments also provides support of measurement verification (validation and health) that supports the regulation requirements.


  Regulations are always changing, and usually requiring additional monitoring measurements or reductions in emissions.  It can be difficult to not only keep up with the new regulations, but also the appropriate automation and measurement technologies to address these new demands.


Emerson assists our refining clients with solutions that not only comply with current required regulations, but also provide quick return on their investment.  We consider technology that addresses current and potential future regulations to minimize investment impact if and when additional regulations come into play.  For example, we partner with refiners to:


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