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Energy Efficiency

Operation flexibility and optimization are achieved using Emerson’s industry consultants and SmartProcess Applications to command a basic process control system with high dynamic performance.  Benefits include reduced variability, minimized energy usage, and increased yield of preferred products.


Control room operators typically do not have confidence in the measurement of oxygen in the flue gas, so they are reluctant to operate the fired heater in a more optimal air to fuel miuxture.  The end result is conservative operation with excess oxygen being heated up and taking a free ride up the stack, thus costing more on energy and decreasing profits.


Emerson not only provides accurate measurement of the oxygen content in the flue gas, but also provides online instrument diagnostics that the analyzer is working properly.  If the control room operator is confident about the oxygen in the flue gas, they are more willing to operate the unit at safe and energy efficient conditions.  This is especially important when fired heaters reach equipment limits at the end of run conditions with fouled heat exchangers, thus requiring further throughput reductions to maintain the required process temperature exiting the heater.




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