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Terminal Automation


 Manually planning, executing, and recording movements can greatly impact the profitability of your terminal.  Mistakes result in contamination, unsafe working conditions, and the loss of materials and energy. Any of these factors can directly contribute to higher operating costs, revenue loss, and, ultimately, lost opportunities.




It’s more important than ever to invest in automation improvements that help you increase asset utilization and productivity, minimize product loss, and decrease the number of environmental and safety risks. That’s why our industry experts work with your project and operations teams to reduce measurement uncertainty, optimize plant performance, and identify opportunities to improve competiveness. With the widest breadth of products and services available, our automation solutions equate directly to increased profitability.


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 Recent Articles

  • Innovazioni: Nel Controllo di Processo
    In tre quarti dei casi fermi impianto, turnaround e interruzioni di servizio impediscono di raggiungere gli obiettivi prestazionali, ma l’approccio di Emerson riduce il rischio di guasti.
  • Innovaciones: En Control de Procesos
    No se alcanzaron los objetivos en tres cuartas partes de las paradas programadas, pero el método de Emerson reduce el riesgo de fracaso.
  • Innovations: Dans le Domaine du Controle de Procede
    Les trois quarts des arrêts de maintenance n’atteignent pas leurs objectifs de performance. L’approche d’Emerson est là pour vous aider à réduire le risque d’échec.
  • Innovationen: In der Prozessregelung
    Bei drei Vierteln aller Abschaltungen, Revisionen und Betriebsunterbrechungen (STO) werden die geplanten Ziele nicht erreicht. Mit den Lösungsansätzen von Emerson lässt sich dieses Risiko jedoch reduzieren.

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