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Pumps and Manifolds

Challenge:  Knowing the location of all products, and their needed movements, is critically important at your terminal. Process control is key. But you also depend on equipment to function safely, accurately and reliably. Without clear visibility into the health and operational status of pumps and manifolds, you can never be certain they’re operating correctly. Leaks can quickly escalate into spills, fires, and other hazardous conditions. And lineup problems, manual or automated, can result in product contamination, downgrades, reworks, delays, demurrage charges, and unhappy customers.

What If You Could...
  • Gain visibility into essential assets?
  • Mitigate equipment failure and risk?
  • Drive optimum lineup performance?

Solution: Even if you’re operating with limited budgets or staff, our scalable, cost-effective technology and solutions enable you to gain visibility into essential assets so you can ensure integrity 24/7. You can mitigate equipment failure and risks, and drive optimum lineup performance so you can make efficient, reliable product movements for every customer, every day.

Results: Emerson’s Pump and Manifold solutions enable you to gain insight into your system so you can diagnose conditions that can lead to pump failure, pump and manifold valve leaks, equipment damage, product downgrades, worker injuries, or environmental incidents. Our solutions can replace periodic, manual checks with real-time visibility into the health and operational status of your essential assets and processes. By gaining insight, mitigating equipment failure and risk, and optimizing lineups, you can make efficient and reliable product movements to help meet your safety, production, and profitability goals.
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  • DeltaV™ DCS: The DeltaV Distributed Control System helps you improve your operations by harnessing predictive technologies in an easy, intuitive, and interoperable way to connect your people, processes, and production. Easily scalable, the system gives you seamless integration with measurement and wireless devices.
  • AMS Suite Machinery Health Monitor: With real-time analysis tools for diagnosis and prognosis of machinery health, you’re able to switch from reactive to predictive maintenance. Scalable and easy to implement, AMS Suite gives you the ability to bolster pump reliability and performance.
  • CSI Wireless Vibration Transmitter: Designed to move with the asset it measures, the CSI Wireless Vibration Transmitter gives you increased mobility. It measures overall vibration levels, as well as stress waves and bearing temperatures, to detect the earliest signs of bearing and gear wear.
  • Essential Asset Monitoring for Pumps: Now you can identify and correct common pump conditions, such as cavitation, vibration or differential pressure, without wires, trenching or complex engineering diagrams.
  • Rosemount 702 Wireless Discrete Transmitter: By installing the Rosemount 702, you can monitor distant pumps and manifolds without running expensive signal wires back to the control room. Tyco TraceTek sensors react to contact with a liquid hydrocarbon, then send a discrete signal to the Rosemount 702 wireless transmitter, which is sent wirelessly to the control system.
  • EIM Valve Actuators: Valves are often located in hard-to-reach places where safety concerns are heightened. To help you protect the health of your staff, install Emerson’s high-quality EIM electric and gear valve actuators.
  • Rosemount Analytical Flame and Gas Detectors: Knowing when toxic or combustible gases or fluids are present gives you and your staff the ability to respond immediately. These products are engineered for continuous performance in extreme conditions, to help minimize risk and protect your people, facilities and property.
  • Emerson Industry Consulting: Coordinating lineups is crucial for product quality and staying on schedule. Let Emerson consultants work with you to identify 20 percent of your lineups with the highest ROI, then optimize them with Smart Wireless technology and other incremental solutions.
  • Syncade™ Logistics: When you minimize lineup problems, you can reduce equipment conflicts and related issues. Syncade Logistics with DeltaV Batch for process control lets you implement automatic route lineups to avoid errors and minimize the possibility of contamination.
  • TopWorx™ 4310 Wireless Valve Position Monitor: If a valve has been left open or closed when it should not be, your operators need to know about it. With the TopWorx™ 4310 wireless position monitor, you eliminate the need for wiring to an on/off pneumatically actuated valve.
  • Virgo Valves: Using high quality valves, backed by superior commissioning and on-site services, gives you the confidence to keep products moving. Virgo Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves can block upstream and downstream flow simultaneously.