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Flow Solutions Advisors

A total measurement system approach to understanding and improving your operation.

Emerson’s Flow Solutions Advisor services for the Oil & Gas industry take a total- measurement approach, looking beyond individual meters or measurement points, to understand what is really happening within your operation.

Best practices, performance upgrades, technology advice, and installation guidance help you standardize your operation and leverage the insight across your organization.

Emerson’s Flow Consulting Advisor expertise and services include:
  • Flow Measurement, Gas and Liquid Hydrocarbons
  • Fiscal & Custody Metering Inspections/Audits
  • Design of Fiscal and Custody Metering Systems
  • Facility, Technology, and Application Evaluation
  • Early FEED studies and specifications
  • Troubleshooting Field Problems
  • Allocation System Models, Design, and Monitoring
  • Flow Assurance (hydrate, scale, wax and corrosion mitigation)
  • Commissioning and Maintenance of Offshore and Onshore Metering Installations
Learn more about Emerson’s Flow Solutions Advisors to better understand the possibilities of your flow measurement system.


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