Custody Transfer 

Challenge:  Many factors must be considered in the design of custody transfer systems for offshore facilities. Answers are needed to such questions as how and where the measurements will be done and what volumes are expected? Will tie-ins be added in the future resulting in greater-than-anticipated production? Will measurements be by volume (United States) or by mass as is the practice throughout the rest of the world? Such considerations will ultimately determine just where to make the measurements, what meters are used, and how they should be sized. The basic challenges on operating platforms relate to measurement accuracy, proper sampling and analysis of constituents, and verification of meter readings.

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Solution: Emerson is well-positioned to serve the needs of all companies making custody transfer measurements offshore. Design consultants from Daniel, Micro Motion, METCO and other Emerson divisions are available to help customers create optimal measurement systems for any specific offshore facility. A wide range of highly accurate metering devices include orifice plate meters, Coriolis meters, turbine meters, ultrasonic meters, and even multiphase meters for subsea measurements from individual wells. Emerson is also the principal supplier of flow computer systems from Daniel, Bristol, Solartron, and Spectra-Tek. In addition, the validity of custody transfer measurements can be substantiated through METCO in Aberdeen, Scotland, which provides expert real-time service with technicians on all the major platforms in the North Sea. In addition, Emerson now has the technology to make accurate real-time custody transfer measurements remotely from any spot on the globe.

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