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Rolling & Finishing


The quality of the steel you sell is related to both the metallurgy in your furnace and your finishing operations. Thickness, finish, and structural tolerances are subject your ability to control the environment in your mills. Cooling water flow control plays a vital role in this process and controlling these circuits precisely can be difficult given the harsh conditions around a mill. Any problems with these vital systems will cause unwanted waste, rework, and lower quality finished goods. 


 Let the experts at Emerson help you apply our automation solutions to reduce the variability in your finishing operations. Fisher control valves can help you maintain both the necessary water flow and pressure needed for producing precision finished product. Rosemount flowmeters and temperature transmitters will help you accurately measure these water streams to help you maintain the exacting conditions required for you to meet your customers’ requirements. Reduce waste, reduce energy consumption, and extract more with Emerson.