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Industrial Furnaces


Achieving safe, uninterrupted, and efficient operation from your industrial furnaces requires you to quickly detect disturbances and correct them. If you don’t properly control your furnace temperature, its service life and throughput will suffer significantly—and even a small water-circuit coolant leak can have catastrophic consequences. You also have to minimize your dust and emissions to keep from violating environmental regulations and endangering your community. All the while, you need to build the bottom line with long periods of efficient production that aren’t interrupted by unnecessary shutdowns. 


Protect your plant, your staff, and your community with Emerson’s Rosemount magmeters, which feature extensive diagnostics and in situ calibration, and can withstand the harsh conditions experienced around a furnace, you will be able to detect cooling water leaks and avert a catastrophic failure of your furnace. By utilizing our extensive line of transmitters and sensors, including DP flow and temperature, you’ll add reliable, accurate measurements that will reduce the chance of downtime. And with the advanced control capabilities of Emerson’s control system, you’ll be able to improve smelter furnace operations—and your bottom line—by optimizing combustion and increasing long-term stability.