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Heighten Staff Effectiveness

Challenge: Knowledgeable and experienced personnel are needed to operate, maintain, and manage process operations at an industrial site, but finding the right mix of talent and qualifications is increasingly difficult. Many experienced personnel are retiring, and there are very few people with similar training available to replace them. Processes and the technology to run them also continue to become more complex, and it is difficult for site personnel to keep up with the latest methods and innovations. It is also a challenge to do more with less people. As the size of the workforce at most sites has shrunk, each individual must cover more tasks than ever before.

Solution: Modern instrumentation and control technology can be leveraged to improve the effectiveness and span of control of industrial site personnel. Emerson is helping industrial clients gain an advantage from technology by providing smart solutions that simplify tough tasks and accomplish things that could never be done before. For example, Emerson’s SmartProcess™ solutions deliver full automatic control and optimize operations for best economic outcome without continual manual intervention and asset management solutions help cut maintenance time and deliver predictive alerts of process and mechanical issues before they can cause a production interruption.


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