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Raise Efficiency & Reduce Emissions

Challenge: The efficient use of energy is important to industrial business performance because energy is a significant component of operating costs. Local plant/mill actions typically have a direct impact on effective energy use, and a consistent focus on energy intensity is imperative for a site to remain competitive.  Further, energy performance often correlates with emissions performance so that optimizing energy use can lower emissions. Energy loss occurs in many ways in industrial operations; some of these include leaks, venting, poor combustion, improper load allocation, cyclical loading of pumps and fans, and unnoticed equipment malfunctions.

Solution: Combating high energy costs requires a continued focus on energy intensity in multiple ways. Emerson helps industrial sites improve energy use by identifying waste and by optimizing unit and equipment performance. Leaks, venting, fouling, and other malfunctions are uncovered with real-time monitoring solutions. Emerson’s combustion solutions for boilers, heaters, and furnaces optimize efficiency of these units at all loads. Steam header and energy management solutions reduce waste and allocate load to improve overall utility efficiency. Reduced energy intensity and fuel use lowers both energy cost and emissions footprint.

In Fact: Emerson worked with a chemical plant in southern United States to effectively utilize a waste hydrogen stream as a boiler fuel source for steam production in order to reduce natural gas use. With Emerson combustion controls, the project was successful in achieving results including:

  • 1,000,000 MMBtu annual reduction in natural gas use
  • 30% annual reduction in CO2 emissions


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